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What we will offer to teach?


Word Processing

Desktop Publishing


Website Design and Publishing

Digital Graphics and Photography


Word Processing


basic key operating

make brochure

insert image to your text

insert table

make colorful menu

insert Word Art

header and footer




Book keeping


basic key operating

create invoice

write checks

enter bills

customer & vendor list

 item list





Web publishing


basic key operating

draw layout table


shopping cart

setup paypal account





Digital Photography


basic key operating





add text

file to



I teach various computer classes and Web oriented materials, including several different software applications from Word Processing, to setting up QuickBooks, to Digital Cameras and Graphics, to Web Publishing, Digital Photography... and areas in between.  If per chance you do not see exactly what you would like to learn, don't despair, just ask me... I am familiar with a large number of the more popular software applications.


My rates are very reasonable...


Group Lesson

(minimum 5 persons)


$35 per person - 90 minute lesson (in my studio)

$45 per person - 90 minute lesson (outside the studio)


Private Lesson

(one person ~ ask small group)


$45 per person - 60 minute lesson (in my studio)

$65 per person - 60 minute lesson (outside the studio)


Private tutoring usually best suits those that have specific needs, as it allows me to cover information more directly related to your needs in a more timely manner.  It also allows for more responsive interaction with questions, answers and hands on guidance.


For more information on what and when it's available,

please check out my class information page.


A sampling of topics offered include


How to use a computer and what it can do for you

Learn how to manage files and data in your computer

Learn how to use Microsoft Windows, from entry level to


Learn word processing (and the many things you can do

   with Microsoft Word)

Learn Desktop Publishing with Microsoft Publisher

Learn how to work with Digital Cameras and Graphics



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